Out of Control Burn Triggers Multi Fire Department Response

by Quiet Corner Alerts on 02-16-2023

Killingly Conn. - A controlled and permitted burn got out of hand Thursday afternoon, requiring numerous area fire departments according to the Killingly Fire Marshal's Office.

At approximately 1:53 pm on Thursday, February 16th, 2023, the East Killingly Fire Department was dispatched to the area of 557 Bailey Hill Rd for a reported brush fire.

According to East Killingly Fire Department's Assistant Chief Vincent Firth, the initial crews had to walk a ways into the woods to locate the fire burning behind the residence crews were dispatched to. When they located it, they discovered a free-burning active brush fire traveling uphill. Mutual aid was originally requested for brush units but as the incident evolved additional companies were brought in for manpower due to the difficult terrain which included a steep hill, stone walls, and barbed wire.

Fire crews did not have a direct water supply on the scene so the decision was made to establish a tanker fill site at the South Killingly Fire Department and conduct tanker shuttle operations to the scene. Once the tankers arrived on the scene, forestry trucks would shuttle water into the crews fighting the fire.

The Dayville Fire Department provided two special units for the incident. The first was their drone unit which assisted in monitoring the fire from above and allowed the command post to remain informed on the fire's progress. The second was their rehab unit which provided food, water, and a place to rest for firefighters battling the fire.

The fire is estimated to have burned approximately 1.5 - 2 acres of brush and timber.

KB Ambulance stood by on the scene as a precaution due to the terrain and amount of personnel on scene. No injuries were reported.

A representative from the Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (DEEP) responded to the scene to support crews in ensuring the fire was properly extinguished. DEEP personnel with be monitoring the fire overnight and for the coming days to ensure it does not flare back up.

Chief Firth finished by saying "Obviously it was a difficult incident access-wise, so I want to thank all of our mutual aid partners for coming together and doing a great job to get the fire contained rather quickly and not have any major property loss."

Agencies who responded, or were dispatched, included the East Killingly Fire Department , South Killingly Fire Department ,Danielson Fire Department , Dayville Fire Company , Williamsville Fire Engine Company ,East Putnam Fire Department , Mortlake Fire Company , Atwood Hose Fire Co., Attawaugan Fire Department, KB Ambulance , and the Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (DEEP) .