Erroneous Call Prompts Dive Team Response to Lake Quinsigamond

by Quiet Corner Alerts on 09-15-2022

Worcester, Mass. - An "erroneous" call brought dive teams to Lake Quinisgamond from Worcester and Shrewsbury.

At approximately 3 pm on Thursday, September 15th, Shrewsbury Police received a call for reports of a male party who went under the water after struggling to swim in Lake Quinsigamond. Shrewsbury Police responded with their boat and called in the Worcester Fire SCUBA team to assist. The party was reported to have gone into the water in the area of 11 Lake Ave.

Worcester Fire deployed their boat but held off on putting divers in the water as the incident commander could not verify that anyone was in the water from the witness. At approximately 3:30 pm the Worcester Fire incident commander ordered the boat to return to shore after finding the call to be erroneous.

At this time it is unclear if the report was accidental or malicious in nature.

Responding departments included Worcester Fire Department, Worcester Police, Worcester EMS, and Shrewsbury Police.

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