Dozens Rescued From Skyfari Sky Ride at Southwick Zoo

by Quiet Corner Alerts on 07-01-2022

Medon, Mass. - Shortly before 3 pm on Friday, July 1st, emergency personnel were called to the Southwick Zoo for reports of 40 people trapped on the Skyfari Sky Ride, according to the MA District 7 Twitter page. The ride allows 2-3 people, per seat, to cruise approximately 25 ft above many of the park's wildlife exhibits. When the ride stopped many of these riders were suspended directly over zoo animals.

Due to the complexity and scale of the incident, Mendon Fire Personnel requested assistance from the Massachusetts District 7 Technical Rescue Team and Field Communication Units. along with these specialized teams, Fire Department ladder trucks, as well as Southwick Zoo boom lifts, were utilized to safely bring the trapped riders back to the ground.

During a 5 pm press conference, Mendon Fire Chief Kessler confirmed that 19 people, 12 adults, and 7 children, were safely rescued without any injuries.

Agencies that responded to the incident included the Mendon Fire Department, Massachusetts District 7 Technical Rescue Team, and Massachusetts District 7 Field communications Unit.


The Massachusetts Fire District 7 Mutual Aid Association is made up of 25 Massachusetts fire departments to "provide rapid deployment of resources involving fires, rescues, hazardous material mitigation, technical rescue, water / ice rescue, wildfires, and other emergency situations that occur within the boundaries of Massachusetts Fire District 7, and other geographic areas as requested". According to their website


Disclaimer: This is a preliminary report containing information gained through publicly available means and has not been officially verified with the involved agencies.

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